Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dusty Needs A Haircut!

But Dusty is about fourteen and the average lifespan for dogs is about sixteen. He was hit by a car when younger and now suffers pain and irritation when we try to handle him like giving him a bath or cutting his hair. He is almost blind and cannot hear very well. He hides under the bed most of the day. He doesn't like to be bothered and I usually just give him his way and let him live out his life in peace.


P.E. Cat said...

That's what my Human does for me. I am fifteen years old and missing most of my teeth. I can see ok, but I am Davy Jones' favorite cat because I walk like a drunken sailor. My Human doesn't haul me off to the vet very often or force me to be brushed. She lets Leon wash me. He likes washing other animals.

Cujo said...

The Human says that I get stinky in the summer and she is going to shave me this year. I don't know what "shaving" is but if it's anything like a "bath" I'll probably try to get away!

ariel said...

there's mercy in you, Tom.