Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Icy Enjoys A Snack

I had a pretty nice little video camera back in 2002 when I took this slow motion shot of Icy eating biscuits. Someone broke in and stole the camera shortly after that. It was the boyfriend of a girl who lived next door. We never got the camera back.


Lily Strange said...

When I had my son I had a lot of complications and my ex-husband's one-time foster sister decided to help by getting the house straighetened out for me before I came home. Unfortunately she brought her skank loser boyfriend to help her out and he helped himself to this dragon statue I'd given my ex husband for his birthday. My ex in laws begged us not to confront them or call the police. I really don't think she was aware he did it and if she was, she didn't know what to say. She was a nice lady but really screwed up. Her mother was a Holocaust survivor who had been raped while in Auschwitz and when the baby was born the Nazi guards murdered it in front of her. I think Martha somehow felt responsible for the things that had happened to her mother.
Martha used a lot of drugs and got in with a bad crowd. She was murdered by an ex boyfriend. It was really sad. What was equally sad and strange was that neither my ex husband nor his parents seemed to care that much, but that family doesn't really express emotion the way my family does.
Sorry--depressing subject. The camera being stolen made me remember Martha and the dragon statue.

Tom & Icy said...

It makes you wonder: there are those that feel no guilt or remorse and others that feel guilt and sorrow for things others do.

ariel said...

Geez, Lily, what a story. Crazy creatures we are. I stopped smiling, although I was going to say the video and the song are hilarious together but I now think about Martha.