Saturday, March 15, 2008

Loving on the Ledge, Living on the Edge

Ariel's original photo is here


ariel said...

Wow, Tom! I love the plane too. Leave it to you to make a photo interesting. I love this.

fggturnz - foggy frog turned the buzz

arsewipe the ghoul said...

Up in the air is no challenge. The real test of love is if you are in the SEWER!

actonbell said...

hehe, this reminds me of an Aerosmith song, "Love in an Elevator." I'm not sure why.
Wonderfully creative, as usual:)

amhsirakrian said...

Bloody creative!

The aeroplane just puts it right up there (if it wasnt already)

Hobbes said...

The dog on the right looks like Sam Overalls, the simple fruit farming dog from our blog.

tsduff said...

Icy is the coolest dog ever. Great imagination you have T.