Friday, September 5, 2008

A Virtual Studio

This is a series of pictures that show how we took Ariel's photo and put it on a backdrop. Then we placed the model, which is like a virtual Barbie doll, on it and moved the camera around. We have to also adjust the lights just like in a real studio. Then we have to dress the model, color the eyes, lips, wig etc. and pose her. Then we have to place props, like the grass and rocks, in the scene to hide the distortion from the bending of the photo. The program is free from They make money from selling models, clothes, props, scenery and more advanced programs. They also have a club where people can upload and show their photos, which they call renderings. You can click on each picture to see it in more detail.


buzzin said...

Axe can't decide whether he likes this female or the one with the purple skin better, so he invited them both back to his hotel room to spawn.

Ariel the Thief said...

Wow, I am realizing my own photo now. In the office I work for there are 5 lawyers, and when it comes to computer, I hear nothing but "I don't know and don't want to learn!" Very disappointing. But you take the time and effort to learn how to use all these programs, and to learn about the machine you use in general.

tsduff said...

Really Tom, that is fabulous. Like Ariel said - you really have a knack for working hard on new programs. I am amazed at what you did with the photo!