Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spooky Gal Screen Test

They have updated or upgraded the animation programs and I am learning a little more how to use them, so I thought I'd test out the shader program to make Spooky Gal.


Ariel the Thief said...

That guy just doesn't learn. You cannot catch a ghost!

Tom, you make totally fantastic work with these programs.

swampwitch aka: swamp~elf said...

That is one cold looking dudette. I mean she's blue all over. Pretty cool program. Looks like a Rubic's Cube she's standing on.
Came over after reading hilarious comment left at Nessa's. Great job of photoshopping on the post below...or did you just haul in Santa to attend the Nativity Scene festivities?

Nessa said...

Is she related to the Blue Man Group?

She is not spooky, she is scary.

vinnie barbarino said...

I always get out my telescope to watch Spooky Gal do her morning exercises!

the spooky guy said...

Cousin Orlof is such an idiot! I'm ashamed to be related to him.
The word verification is "Teronica." I wonder if this is a cousin of the Alien Guy, or maybe his sister.

tsduff said...

She seems to have a bit of trouble loading for me... :( But she looks pretty and see through. Your animation moves are so good - how do you do that?

My word verification is lesbus