Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girls' Night Out at the Spa

This one was really hard; took several hours to make. First had to get the mirror enlarged and working, and then had to line up the girls' hands, feet and asses to fairly match the exercise machines. But it won't take near as long the next time I make a picture like this because this is a learning experience. That's my purpose for doing it: to learn how to manipulate the computer program and create a matrix of files so that if I decide to try some serious screenplay writing again (I've written nine plays and three novels) then I will be able to create the storyboards.I got the program almost a year ago. Well, anyway, I left the girls' skimpy clothes on this time.


Nessa said...

You did a great job even down to the pointed foot on the girl in black. The only one that looks off is the brown haired girl on the step machine. She seems a bit off balance with her knees slightly double jointed.

kizz myass said...

Faith an' begorrah! I'm wishin' on me own rainbow that they'd let me join that class! I'd get to check out the lassies, and their clothes too!