Thursday, December 13, 2007

Karishma Injured

We wish Karishma or Amhsiak a speedy recovery after receiving a head injury from a flying stool that shot out unexpectedly. It left a large knot on her head, and we think that the blow to her head might have stimulated psychic abilities. So this afternoon I went out and took a picture of something in the neighborhood and will meditate and sleep on it and give her time to likewise sleep and see if the image can be transmitted to the other side of the world through the ethers and like that. If anyone else knows how to hack the psychic astral internet and intercepts the transmission, you can enter your guess in the comments. Tomorrow after we do all that hocus pocus stuff, and meditation and sleep, I will post several photos including the one I took and am trying to send psychically and she or anyone can pick the right one out, which I know she will do! I have faith. I believe! Well, sort of. A little. I guess there is such a thing as luck. So I got to go meditate now. Well, actually I need a nap. I'm old, you know. Until tomorrow, lets concentrate and do this! Come on psychics of the world, unite!


ariel said...

Wow, there's no thing someone in the world doesn't collect, is there? Elephant poop, even.

Tom, be careful with the hocus pocus, you accidently transfer yourself or one of your dogs or your entire neighbourhood to Mumbai!

Anonymous said...

LOL TOM!!! I knew you would come up with something really fantastic and make this tragedy a comedy!! SO i did try and focus are you ready tonight hehe

filthy fred said...

We in the Netherworld hope your head feels better. I'm sorry I can't participate in the experiment, but you would only think you were watching a really great porno movie starring me if my thoughts got in the mix!

tsduff said...

That is a real bummer of an accident Amhsirak.