Friday, December 28, 2007

Standing In Shadows

Ariel, there was a brother and sister who were in their 30's that lived together as a couple and would come visit my wife. They would talk about a lizard man who lived in their neighborhood and would come up out of their toilet and attack the girl, beating and raping her, as well as tearing up furniture and breaking windows. Reminded me of the movie version (Come Firewalk With Me) of a tv show (Twin Peaks). The guy talked "at" us, not really listening to anything my wife or I said to him (like the FBI agent in the movie who was deaf). But the guy would talk about people we don't know and situations we couldn't understand. He said the lizard man forced his sister to take drugs so he could control her. She was frequently committed to a hospital for the mentally ill which is now more nicely called rehab. My wife and I would whisper to each other that he was the one who should be committed, but in a prison. Around Christmas one year, the guy brought us presents: he gave my wife a little plastic coffin with R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) on it, and gave me a Batman action figure. In the comic book genre, Batman is a sinister, evil, crazy man with a split personality fighting villains who are likewise sinister and evil with distorted personalities. As we look at stories throughout history, Mythology, fairy tales, and literature are basically about flawed individuals conflicting with even more flawed individuals. Since he gave me that little rubber figure of Batman, I began reading more on the subject to try and figure what it all means. I still don't really understand it and it scares me. It all emerged again when you said, "If you stand in the shadows, your life will stand in the shadows with you." An enlightening statement.Yes, Batman does need to be put down, finally.


ariel said...

Wow, I didn't know that Batman was a sinister, evil character originally. I saw only some of the movies came out in these years. So they were sterilized. I am not surprised.

The movies made in Hollywood are worldfamous, and people tend to think that Hollywood = USA, but I am getting the feeling that this is the American comic series where the real thing is. (Not every story has a meaning but the all carry something cannot be carried by the weekdays of life.)

Cheesemeister said...

They lived together as a couple? That's creepy! He sounds like he was very controlling and was the truly insane one! With his lizard men, I hardly feel naff about talking to ghosts!

Cheesemeister said...

BTW I never could get into Twin Peaks. The only character I liked at all was the FBI agent. Although I did see that damn movie and it creeped me out for weeks afterwards--the guy was having sex with his daughter? Yuck! That's the kind of stuff that is really scary, not things like vampires.
I haven't read Batman since I was a kid. Back then he was a comic book hero, not this wacked out anti-hero that incidentally fought criminals. As Cuzzin Hildy-Bob would say, "dang! Ain't nothin' sacred no more!"

Amhsirak said...

Wow Tom that is some series. Do you think we could have some spin off later on!!

And agree Ariel's statement makes the backdrop for some perfect insightful moments and creative ones too i guess:)