Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

We wanted to try Nessa's Scavenger Hunt, but as a twist, we searched our computer for past posts from our blogs. We only got part of it. And they're not exact. But it was sort of fun. Here's what we found on our computer:
Aunt Ant:
Well, not quite right. But it's about Aunt.

Brown Bear:

This is Weirsdo's Brown Bear Brownie.

Creamy Cow:

Icy doing some of her Matrix moves while fighting a cow.

Floating Fish:
Icy doing her fish imitation.

Gross Goat:

This was from Lammy Blog, and that is totally gross.

Painted Pony:
A lesson on off track betting, not on track betting.


Don't they eat mice?


Weirsdo's April fixing hot dogs in the kitchen.


No Icy, not Mantis!

Flying high.

Quantum Quetzal:

Whatever it means, we used this.


This is when the dog food was recalled because it contained rat poison.

Silver Snakes

When Icy was on the Alien Guy's blog and fought the space snakes.


Frogs, toads: they're pretty much the same to Icy.

Wise Weasle:
He has the ray gun!

Vegitarian zombies.


ariel said...

Grand collection! Some of the pictures I remember. It's impressing to see the results of your endless imagination collected like this.

ariel said...

Vegetarian zombies cracked me up badly.

Nessa said...

I could have sworn I commented here this morning, too. Is someone eating my comments?

I loved your collection. That Icy is very creative.

Lily Strange said...

Those were great! I'll have to do this.

actonbell said...

Fabulous! I loved the vegetarian zombies, too. And your background is wonderful--you adopted ariel's macro-bubbles! This whole thing is just awesome.

TLP said...

Great job! I love your slanted humor!

Lily Strange said...

Here is the Netherworld Scavenger Hunt.