Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pennywise Upset

Penny Wise was very upset and thinking of jumping off the bridge into the green slime of the sewer. She was in love with Arsewipe and crushed when she saw him going with Sean the gay vampire who only likes evil men. She was also despondent because she was the financial reporter for the Crappy Times and considered herself an expert in money matters because she could see the Bank of America from her back yard, but learned that they are failing and asking for a bail-out from the government. She was fired and replaced by Anna Banana. So being unemployed and losing her boyfriend, she felt the only thing to do was dive into the green slime and see if she could get super powers and become a Ninja Turtle.


ivanna b. ilona said...

One wonders how a slime like Arsewipe gets anybody! This girl Penny Wise could get someone good, but she loves that creep. Plus now I find myself wondering if she is the illegitimate daughter of Pennywise the sewer-dwelling child-eating pedophile clown that Stephen King wrote about in his expose "It," and who Arsewipe had a thing going with for a while. Now there were two things that deserved each other!

Nessa said...

She's not very wise.

Rabbit, rabbit.

Tom & Icy said...

Yes, she is the daughter of the clown. Actually I had forgotten about him for the moment. But he does seem to fit well with Arsewipe.

tsduff said...

Don't you know that Pennywise is a clown? Just ask Stephen King! I learned much about him when I read "IT".

oops - should have scanned Ivanna's comment before answering ... she put it much more succinctly than I. Brilliant minds think alike xo.