Saturday, April 4, 2009

Who's The Bad Guy?

Sean the Vampire attacks a statue from Mount Olympus, thinking it is the bad guy, but the real evil Orangutan Man watches him from the surrounding Birch trees.

This is just what I thought could happen. Click HERE to read Nessa's original story.


axe man said...

Axe Man want to chop up Shawn and Orangatang Man. Axe alredy tryed to chop up Olympis Man and busted axe and have to get repared. This kost Axe 666,666 Kwatlooz. Axe not happy! Axe kall spirit of Vogon war god Aningsa. Aftur him help Axe may be him give Axe seekrit to win VILE aword.

Nessa said...

I hope Sean doesn't chip a tooth. Sean would have to shave Orangutan Man first. Of course, they might find that pleasantly kinky.