Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"But, Mama! This almond has legs!"

"Shut up and eat it anyway. Don't embarrass Ariel!"

Ariel's original photo is here


Ariel the Thief said...

Almonds with legs are a lot more fun than average almonds. Healthier too!

Rotten Ralph said...

I so agree! That's why we often include the leggy almonds in our salads, such as the Eyeballs and Esophagus with Escarole with a tasty Endometrium Paste. Or on our pastries, such as the delightful Undressed Tart. The leggy almonds are truly a nutritious and enticing accent to our foods!
Bring this ad to Steak Thru the Heart and receive a complimentary Sangria Punch a la Packer with your next meal!
Yours Truly,
Rotten Ralph
Head Chef, Steak Thru the Heart

tsduff said...

Ewwww - that made me put my feet up. I have extreme troubles with those live variety...