Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Please Let Me In, Ariel

Ariel's picture is here


Ariel the Thief said...

*reaches out, grabs Icy and puts her on the backseat*

Donuts, honey? With chocolate or jam?

tsduff said...

Here Icy, have a kleiner and some rotted shark.

actonbell said...

That's a beautiful photo of Icy:)

isis the pyro cat said...

Sometimes the middle aged female human falls really soundly asleep while I'm outside and it starts raining and I demand to be let in but that dumb ass doesn't hear me so I get wet!
Other times I insist on going out when the middle aged female human is going to work and I love staying out all night, unless it rains. Then I demand to be let in. But the middle aged female human's spawn, the young adult male human, sleeps really soundly too. Or gets engrossed in reading or playing video games, and he just lets me get soaked too. Humans! They are so selfish and oblivious!

The word verification is "dajaroz." I wonder if that's a word you can use to start fires and curse humans.