Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ariel's Avatar

<-- Ariel's Avatar

Dusty Doggy is the Paparazzi photographer and editor of the Asinine News. He saw Ariel's new avatar and took it in the dark room and then showed us this picture, which he said was the original photograph of Ariel that was taken at 1:42 in the afternoon on April 8 with her Olympus Camera using a flash. He said she cropped this photo and turned it around for her avatar. How does he know these things? Dusty the Paparazzi is pretty clever.


ariel said...


that was the original picture. my brother took, I cropped to flipped. never mind the time, his Olympus is as lost in time as my Konica Minolta.

I didn't post it anywhere online, neither I sent it to you, so will you please tell me how did you get it?

Tom & Icy said...

A "thumbnail" copy of the photo is used in the menu and is in the code of digital photo.
When your photoshop program saved the new cropped and flipped version of the photo, it failed to change the small thumbnail picture. (a common glitch)
So when I downloaded the tiny picture to put it on my photo program to blow it up and see what it looked like, I noticed that the thumbnail in the menu was different from the downloaded picture.
I copied the thumbnail and loaded it and enlarged it to see the original picture.
I enlarge everyone's avatars because I am almost blind and that is the only way I can see what they look like.

ariel said...

I see! I checked and the thumbnail on my own computer shows the original picture really. funny things these are!

anyways, I wanted to ask you before, do you want me to post bigger pictures on flickr?

Eddie said...

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