Monday, April 16, 2007

What's That?

I was working outside when I caught a glimpse of someone in blue jeans and blue shirt rushing by. By the time I looked up, he was gone out of sight past the garage. He was coming from the yard or porch next door across the alley from my house. When I looked back in the direction from where he came, I noticed a jar sitting on the neighbor's porch. It had liquid in it. I didn't feel like I should go up into their yard to see what it was, but the curiosity has been killing me. Why would a guy come up the alley, sit a jar of clear liquid on someone's porch, and then rush off very fast? What could it be? Why should I care? But I guess that's the nature of humans to be curious.

1 comment:

Hal Itosis said...

It was probably Cuzzin Virgil-Joe with some Shine for you. But you can never be too careful. If it was from a particularly strong batch, it has a kick like a mule! I'd suggest coming to my store and finding the grade that suits you rather than taking any chances.