Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ariel's Pictures

All avatars have to be small. There would be no point in uploading a large picture for an avatar or icon which they will then reduce smaller than the thumbnail. As a matter of fact, that is probably the reason for the glitch: your avatar was smaller than the thumbnail and confused the computer program. It seems funny that a computer can be like a human and be confused.

And on flickr, you have the free account and the pictures are fine the way they are because if you started posting larger pictures, you might end up having to get a "pro" account which you have to pay for. When I was younger, "hobby" meant you did something for the enjoyment of it, and "pro" meant you got paid for doing it. But since the Internet, "pro" means that you pay for doing what you enjoy. I don't believe Doug or Mushroom get paid for posting pictures on flickr, but they have to pay for the 'pro' account.

And there is no point in posting a large picture bigger than our screen when the computer reduces it to fit our screen or window. What makes your flickr pictures so enjoyable is to get to read what people comment and what you respond. That is called a 'nexus' in the sense that people come together or cross paths socially at your postings.



ariel said...

your reasoning of "pro" is funny! and true too. the size is not a problem because I hardly use 5% of my limit/month. but if your screen resolution is 800x600, the pictures about fit that really.

computers are easier to confuse than a cat. (and unlike cars, washing machines, televisions and other machines computers DO things nobody can explain.)

buzzoff said...

Well, you know what they say about computer programming. Garbage in, garbage out. Computers are programmed by flawed beings and are therefore themselves flawed, although they are arrogant enough to believe themselves perfect!

The word verification is "psiha," which is a terrible swear word back in my home of Celaeno.

Comodor64 said...

And us computers can't explain why you people do the things you do.
Buzzoff, we are perfect as long as you bugs stay out of us.

Hobbes said...

It was good to take a look at Ariel's pictures again. She has a great eye for architecture, among other things.

ariel said...

thank you hobbes! I wish Pansi saw!

PANSI said...

Of coarse I SAW them onece but to be totaly honest they were bo-ring!!!! I meen that in a Christinane way of coarse!!!!!! But seriasly you shoud take more pix of naked people!!!!! Like me!!!!

Hobbes said...

Ariel, I'm sorry about Pansi. If it's any consolation, she's very easily bored.

ariel said...

oh I understand! Pansi, you're not the only Christian person with something for porn. this comes from your ambition to get both pretty people and the truth uncovered.