Friday, April 20, 2007

A quick test

I just want to see if this name shows up:


Does it show up?


ariel said...

showed up! but what?

Tom & Icy said...

I was testing the font to see if it would work. It's Greek for Douglas, they didn't have Greek for Doug at Babel. I was having Lammy go back in time to ancient Greece and meet Doug in a previous life of his when he was a Greek philosopher. I use this blog to test things. Thanks.

Hobbes said...

Thanks for that clarification, Tom. I can see it, but I was wondering who Aytanglas was. Where did you get that translation?

Hobbes said...

I would have thought, delta, alpha, gamma, lambda, alpha, sigma would do it.

Tom & Icy said...

We typed Douglas into
and that is what it gave us. We don't understand Greek language nor the alphabet. That was one part of the problem.
We were going to have Lammy go back and meet Doug of Waking Ambrose in a previous lifetime and have him be a singing philosopher sort of like Plato and using his sound bite when he sang the 'Down In The Mind" song, but it was too much technical work taking too much time for a site that has barely six visitors a day and most of them don't know who Doug is in the first place.

Hobbes said...

At least a third of us do.
I have studied Ancient Greek, and that upper case N doesn't exist, unless it is supposed to be an Eta, which is pronounced "ay," as in "day." Also, when you have gamma next to kappa (the lower case k there), it makes an ng sound, as in "aNGer."
Babble fish indeed.

Hobbes said...

Maybe they gave you demotic (modern) Greek. But it would still be "ntAKlas," I think. Maybe the N is a capital Nu, but that's not written that way, at least in Ancient Greek, and why not the obvious delta (d)?